Tina D. Jagerson, JD, MLIS

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Department of Justice

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Washington, DC

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Anyone interested in exploring the future of technology.

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Learn how to stay up to date with new technologies and explore technological forecasting.

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All libraries can benefit from new technology in some way and technological forecasting can be incorporated into any type of organization to varying degrees. Discovering new ways to apply technology allows anyone to be his or her library's technological futurist. It only takes one good idea or vision to generate numerous possibilities.

Staying up to date with the latest technology is the first step in learning about today’s technological landscape. Knowing where to find the right information and viewing it with different perspectives will help you turn a desired future into reality. Thinking beyond the current realm of library environments, adapting technology advances to your specific needs, and developing a solid foundation for actionable steps will help take your library into the future.

This presentation builds upon my previous discussion at the Library 2.015 Spring Summit: The Emerging Future: Technology and Learning, How To Stay Up To Date with New Technology. Additional information on the history of technological forecasting, profiles of futurists from many different fields, where to find new technologies, resources to generate innovative ideas, strategies to move forward with a technology plan, as well as an updated and expanded resource list will be provided.

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Information in this presentation was adapted from my research and assistance in developing and implementing SJSU iSchool’s MOOC, The Emerging Future: Technology Issues and Trends, presented by Dr. Susan Alman and Prof. Jennifer Jumba.

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