Beyond the One-Shot: Using LibGuides, Blackboard and Social Media to Push the Envelope of the Library Workshop

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Nicole Allensworth

Assistant Librarian

Subject Liaison for Law, Journalism, Communication Studies and Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts


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J. Paul Leonard Library

San Francisco State University


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San Francisco, CA


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Academic Librarians with instruction responsibilities and access to content and knowledge management tools such as LibGuides and Blackboard.


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This presentation will discuss how academic instruction Librarians can leverage content and knowledge management tools, as well as social media, to reach beyond the "one-shot" library workshop.


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At San Francisco State University, Librarians working within the framework of a subject liaison model provide information competency instruction through "one shot" in-person research skills workshops. In these resource-challenged times, many of us are all too familiar with the inherent limitations of the one-time 90-minute (or sometimes 60-minute) slot, during which we may be trying to provide a semester's worth of general guidance and discipline-specific instruction. How can we push that envelope to reach each student, engage different learning styles, and collaborate with professors to provide highly-relevant ongoing instruction throughout the semester? Librarians at SF State are doing just that by using content and knowledge management technology tools you may already have access to: interactive research guides such as Springshare's LibGuides, and course management platforms such as Blackboard. The presenter will discuss how she has been able to gain increased and ongoing access to students in her departments by creating and providing instruction from interactive multi-media research guides, embedding learning objects in course management platforms, and providing "bite sized" point-of-need instruction through social media platforms such as Twitter. Examples of LibGuides, iLearn pages, and tweets will be shown and discussed.


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Nicole had to cancel this session, but you may still comment or connect with her here.



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