Last March I was able to search across any SNS from a default search on the home page. I just now tried to search across again and do not see ANY way to do so. I asked the help form about it but thought I might get a faster answer from my fellows in library 2.0 land.

Any heavy ning user care to chime in?

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I would like to know as well. It troubles me because I like to see what new sites are there. Please post here if you find out.
It took two weeks to get an answer, but Ning help wrote me this:

Hi there!

We've removed the search bar on because we're currently working on coming up with better tools for people to find Ning Networks that match their individual interests and passions. In the meantime, you can definitely use Google or another search engine to find Ning Networks that might interest you, and our Ning Blog ( is a great resource for discovering awesome networks- stay tuned for updates on what's to come!




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