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Community of Inquiry Survey: Implications for Online Teaching and Learning

Your Name and Title: Susan W. Alman, Lecturer

Library, School, or Organization Name: School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University

Co-Presenter Name(s): Christinger Tomer (University of Pittsburgh), Barbara Frey (University of Pittsburgh)

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: North America        

Language in Which You Will Present:  English       

Target Audience(s): Online teachers and learners

Short Session Description (one line): Using the Community of Inquiry Survey researchers investigated the effect of teaching, social, and cognitive presence in online learning.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):  Understanding the ways in which students learn most effectively in an online environment is critical as enrollment increases in hybrid and online courses and MOOCS.  Numerous studies have focused on student satisfaction in an effort to understand how to tailor programs for maximum learning and retention.  The purpose of this investigation was to determine the satisfaction of students in a formal learning cohort and those who were not in a cohort.  The Community of Inquiry survey was administered to the two groups, and the data indicated there were significant differences in the responses between the students who were members of a learning cohort and those who did not belong to a cohort. The findings suggest that it is important for instructors to recognize the effect that Teaching Presence, Social Presence, and Cognitive Presence might have on both teaching and learning.  The presenters will discuss the Community of Inquiry Survey and provide an overview of the study.  Participants will have an opportunity to engage with the researchers and other participants on this topic.

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