My name is Sara and I am an DL MSc LIS student.

The assignment (and entire grade!) for one of my courses is focusing on Communities of Practice:

"Consider how a CoP might be proposed as a model to enhance organizational learning in support of the need of the organization to respond positively to the perceived dynamism and fluidity with the organizational context."

We need to write our report from the perspective of a particular LIS (of our choice) from the perspective of a professional librarian who has been given the task of leading a project team looking at the applicability of networking technologies.

A couple of problems for me here:

* I have never worked in a library, except in a volunteer role.

* CoPs are counter to our local culture and practices (yes, seriously).

* Our one and only public library here is also a national library, serving 60,000 people on a very tiny island, with a staff of only about 8 professional librarians.

If anyone can give me advice and examples of practical implementation of CoPs, especially as it may apply to such a very tiny location, I would greatly appreciate it.

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