Creating a Learning Organization: Technology, socialization, learning, and culture change

Rudy Leon

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Urbana, IL, USA

Librarians, primarily academic but potentially of interest to all.


Short Session Description (one line):

Using technology to knit the fabric of a learning community  

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Developing a learning environment is as much about culture change as it is about teaching and training. An effective learning organization can't depend on the time of one trainer, but must be a community that learns from each other. Creating that sort of organizational change takes patience and a multi-pronged approach. Creating high and low tech opportunities for socialization and interaction must be interwoven with exposure to new tools, opportunities to implement new ideas and nuts and bolts training. 


In this talk, I will discuss the various platforms I developed and implemented for creating a culture of learning, including redesigning the popular 23 Things program for ongoing learning, launching brownbags, retreats, and a community blog and learning objects archive. 



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This looks terrific.  I've been exploring this same theme of culture at  Can't wait to see this.
The recording of this session is now up, at RECORDING



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