Doing Online Relearning through Information Skills (DORIS): Contributions for Information Literacy Programs

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Juan D. Machin-Mastromatteo, M.Sc.


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Tallinn University, Institute of Information Studies


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Librarians involved in teaching and/or in information literacy programs


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Contributions for information literacy programs from my research on using social media in education


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I summarize some of the developments that have taken place within my doctoral research on the use social media in higher education. Furthermore, I advance some insights, theories and methods I have constructed in my research that can contribute to information literacy programs worldwide. My research aims are to determine significant issues, challenges and opportunities that emerge when social media are integrated into learning environments in higher education. Moreover, learning, literacies, and social media are conceived as elements that mutually shape one another during the study. The method used in this research is participatory action research. With this methodological approach, a series of learning interventions, activities, and assignments labeled as ‘Doing Online Relearning through Information Skills’ (DORIS) were planned. These were comprised of physical meetings and different assignments and online activities between them. The instruments considered for the collection of data are: a diagnostic questionnaire, a blog, social learners’ reports, a second questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. The method for analyzing data is going to be content analysis, so a framework of preliminary categories is presented. Moreover, the three dimensions of learning (cognitive, social, and emotional) and the theory of affinity spaces provide powerful analytical lenses for analyzing and discussing the data gathered in this study. The framework of DORIS might be useful for researchers, academics, and librarians. It can be taken to develop learning interventions for learning and researching about and with social media or other technology mediated learning environments. Furthermore, it can also be adapted for teaching information literacy programs or other topics from an information skills framework.

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