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Carrie Russell, Director of the Program on Public Access to Information


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American Library Association, Office for Information Technology Policy


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Bob Wolven


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United States


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Public librarians


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This session’s focus will be e-book business models that are favorable to librarians and publishers.


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An ALA Presidential Working Group was formed to address the urgent need to ensure that public libraries can continue to provide access to information, including e-books for library lending.  Currently, two of the major trade book publishers – Simon & Schuster and MacMillan - refuse to sell e-books to public libraries. The other four major trade book publishers – Random House, Penguin, HarperCollins and Hachette – sell only some of their titles under unreasonable terms and at exorbitant prices that public libraries cannot afford.  

What can libraries do to prove to publishers that public libraries are their most important customers?  Libraries introduce readers to authors, promote reading and books, and ensure that those without a computer connection, without an e-reader, and without the money to purchase e-books can be served. 

Studies indicate that library borrowing enhances sales for books and prove that library e-book borrowers are also e-book buyers.  What else can we do to convince publishers that selling to libraries is a win-win?

ALA members of the Working Group have developed six business models with license terms that would be acceptable to both libraries and publishers. This session will explore these options and provide an update on the behind-the-scenes activities of library/publisher negotiations.


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