ELDORADO-A national user centred library service development project in Hungary

Your Name and Title: Marton Nemeth

Library, School, or Organization Name: Monguz Ltd, Hungary,  National Széchényi Library, Hungary

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Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Hungary

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Mainly European librarians, but everyone that is interested in the topic

Short Session Description (one line): ELDORADO- A Hungarian service model for  a common digital document register and a digital document supply system

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Recently a consortium have been formed by the Hungarian libraries led by the National Széchényi Library (NSZL). This consortium is maintaining a project called ELDORADO which is an acronym that stands for National Archive and Document storage for Electronic Documents and Services. It provides a new service model and infrastructure environment in digital library field. Our company Monguz Ltd. is the system developer partner, focusing on the development of the whole hardware and software architecture and infrastructure of the project. Currently the project is on development phase. Testing phase with library consortia partners and their patrons starts around September 2014


The main scope of the project can be set by the following objectives:

  1. Providing digital access for library holdings regarding their copyright or digitization status. It involves a large set of on-demand digitisation activities, for example the registration of those documents that have been digitized already in different libraries in a common single service environment. Also there is a major aim to collect born-digital documents. These activities are coordinated by a library consortium in partnership with all the relevant stakeholders principally the publishers.
  2. Offering equal and remote access to digital information to all Hungarian citizens and in a broader sense to all Hungarian-speaking people regardless their geographical location.
  3. Digital access must include a not only a large set of public domain documents, but orphan works and copyrighted materials.
  4. A major goal (through new collaboration forms with publishers and other related copyright stakeholders) is to re-publish out-of commerce works in digital format.
  5. The project, through the goals described above, includes collection, preservation and publication activities together in a single service environment.


ELDORADO project offers a single service platform, with some major upgrade of digital library services for libraries. The major aspects of this service upgrade are the following:

  1. A complete digital workflow management process supports the different activity flows related to digital documents: ordering, processing orders, and distributing service copies towards library patrons.
  2. A main benefit of the project towards all the participating libraries is the offering of a full copyright infrastructure. It contains licence management and the certain procedures of handling orphan works as well (According to the EU directive and certain Hungarian implementation rules).
  3. Offering central financial management solution for common digital library activities can be also a major benefit for the participating institutions. It includes a full support of online payment transactions, invoicing and other required financial procedures.
  4. A serious challenge of the Hungarian libraries currently is the lack of a central register of already digitized documents and in a broader sense all the digital holdings. Therefore a leading objective of ELDORADO project to form a digital cluster in order to register all the Hungarian library digitization projects (retrospectively as well). A central storage management system will enable to collect the already available Hungarian digital library holdings and the service products of on-demand digitisation project activities. Guaranteeing secure document access together with the follow of objectives of long-term digital preservation is also one of the goals of forming the digital cluster.
  5. Building up standardized permanent contact platform with publishers and other related copyright stakeholders is also an important prerequisite of the success of the ELDORADO project. An integrated platform is also required in order to build-up connection with already existing national common catalogue and document supply system.
  6. An overall goal of ELDORADO project is to find collaboration forms with external document service provider partners. The EOD project (http://books2ebooks.eu) for example can offer a European context extension of ELDORADO project with providing a single on-demand ordering and access point to all significant and similar European digital document service projects on a common interface.
  7. Another form of external collaboration is the integration of external full-text and catalogue databases into the ELDORADO content portfolio in order to obtain a single consortium-based access to these resources. There are on-going discussions in this field with database and document provider partners like EBSCO.


In context of the ELDORADO project a common business model should be provided with libraries and publishers.


The goal is to build up a commercial service model with the support of public institutions (library). The commercial activities are based on an on-demand content portal interface with one-stop-shop functions. It means that users will be able to order digital documents from any Hungarian library by simply entering all the necessary data of the requested documents and by sending the order request with one-click. The ordering procedure will be supported with an aggregated catalogue service (that available through a single content portal).


A major goal is to take priority to on-demand user requests related to the set of general digitization plans and objectives (in institutional and in national level as well).


Finding the proper DRM, licence management solution is essential in order to offer remote access to digitized documents and securing the success of the business model in partnership with the copyright-holders.

In connection of determining the biggest ELDORADO project service document types, the major collaboration stakeholders can be defined in a practical way. In case of public domain document range, libraries from all over the country are consortium partners of the projects. In case of out-of commerce, but copyrighted documents, the main projects partners can be the main copyright aggregators in order to form the digitisation and service conditions of this type of documents. In case of in-commerce documents the main partners are the publishers that held the copyright of their respective author’s works


ELDORADO project can offer the following benefits of the related stakeholders:


To libraries it can be an efficient common system that support the whole digitization process with a single service platform and efficient copyright management.

To publishers it helps to make further, deeper contacts with their customers to find more about their needs and expectations. Furthermore new opportunities can be appear to re-selling out-of commerce documents in digital form (find new market segments, perhaps enable to serve special on-demand user requests benefitted to the publishers as well).

To users the project can be a fundamental cornerstone in the digital document market as it can represent an easy, single and legal offer to access a wide range of documents through on-demand requests. These documents can be copyrighted and non-copyrighted, digital-born, digitized or non-digitized (offering an on-demand order to digitization). The users through their on-demand request can take a direct influence to form short and long-term digitization strategies of Hungarian libraries. In this way their real needs will be reflected in the digitization strategic objectives.

For our system and content developer company ELDORADO project can be a great reference towards the international market as well, in order to support the making of similar projects in other European countries.

More information about the project can be found (mainly in Hungarian) on the dedicated project page of the Hungarian National Széchényi Library: http://www.oszk.hu/eldorado

The projects partners are currently planning to promote the ongoing activities and results to the international professional audience as well.

The project is supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Social Fund. The project budget is 250 million HUF (approx. 800.000 EUR)

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: http://www.qulto.eu (The website of the developer company in English), http://www.oszk.hu/eldorado (project website in Hungarian).

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