Engaging Special Collections Archives while Teaching Digital Storytelling

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 Alison E. Regan, Ph.D.

Associate Librarian

Head of Education Services

Acting Head, Digital Scholarship Lab

University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library

Associate Professor of Communication, U. Writing Program (adjunct)

(801) 581-3883

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 University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library


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Anthony Lee Sams

Digital Scholarship Consultant and Project Manager,

Co-Teacher of “Writing 3040: Digital Storytelling”


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North America


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Librarians, Archivists, Communication, English and Writing and Rhetoric Faculty


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Engaging Special Collections Archives while Teaching Digital Storytelling


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Humanists have long had their students work with primary, archival documents. Such sources may include maps, diaries, family histories, photographs, films, and in academic libraries are generally housed in Special Collections departments.  Undergraduates are generally familiar with how library materials are shelved individually or delivered electronically, but have little experience with archive materials that are often stored in boxes or folders.  

The digital storytelling class that we teach through the University of Utah Writing Program begins with an 80-minute visit in the J. Willard Marriot Library Special Collections department, and one of the major assignments for the class requires that students engage with digitized archival materials in order to create a digital story. Such projects involve discovery, negotiation with our outstanding special collections staff in order to digitize analog materials, critical thinking about those materials, and creative imagination in synthesizing those materials into digital stories.  Through the course of the project the once intimidating world of archives becomes the world of wonder that is so familiar to archivists, librarians, historians, and others.

In this presentation we will provide examples of student work and discuss the fruitful collaborations that can be achieved by working with colleagues in Special Collection departments.  





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Alison had to cancel this session because of audio issues.  Sorry!

Steve, if I record later this week, could I still upload the presentation? Thanks, and sorry for the technical problems.


Alison Regan



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