I am finishing up my school librarian master's degree & certification. I am considering taking one or more classes to enrich my degree & enhance my enjoyability. Someone has suggested that I take an archiving class, what direction would you recommend that I take, and why?

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i would look at taking some HTML and web-applications classes. I don't know about archiving I'm not sure about its relevancy to a school library. But also children's literature would be good. I was an elementary school librarian for a while, that was the best job I ever had. I'm a little jealous :)
I second this suggestion. I think that given the importance of the Web as a communications medium, we need to know how to use it, and HTML and basic web authoring is important.
I agree that web applications or basic computer technology classes would be very helpful. It helps if you don't have to rely on your IT Department for every computer glitch.
ya i have also joined PGDCA for it

Learning more about web is at the core and every one seems to be blogging about it so by just following those one can be abreast of the web development. Having said that it wouldn't be simple as it sounds. Archiving class can be good for some change.



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