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Your Name and Title:

PhD Lecturer Laura Malita


Library, School, or Organization Name:

West University of Timisoara, Romania


Co-Presenter Name(s):

PhD Associate Professor Gabriela Grosseck


Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

Eastern Europe


Language in Which You Will Present:



Target Audience(s):

Teachers and students


Short Session Description (one line):  

Users must be media and digital literate in order to avoid and fight against fake news & content


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Nowadays one of the biggest problems Internet users are facing is the increasing false content that is shared. Even this is not a new problem, still due the spread especially via social networks, this problem become almost incontrollable. In this context, users need to be trained how to spot, analyze and report such type of content. Therefore, our role as educators is to make our students to be aware of the big context and to understand that only by a cooperation and collaboration among users and business (the industry represented by i.e. Facebook, Google etc.) the problem could be reduced.


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Hi, Laura! We've accepted this proposal, *and* we think it would benefit from some additional detail on what you are going to cover. If you do update the sessions descriptions, let me know because when you edit the proposal, it will bump it into the general discussion category and I'll need to put it back into the accepted category! Cheers.


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