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FOLIO: An Open Source Project to Build a Library Services Platform

Your Name and Title:  Peter Murray, Open Source Community Advocate

Library, School, or Organization Name:  Index Data

Co-Presenter Name(s): -none-

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:  North America

Language in Which You Will Present:  English

Target Audience(s):  System Librarians, Software Developers, and Library Administration

Short Session Description (one line):  Learn how you can participate in a community collaboration to develop an open source Library Services Platform (LSP) designed for innovation.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):  

Heraclitus said that there is “nothing permanent except change.” Still, while the world of knowledge creation and output is rapidly and continuously evolving, the monolithic Integrated Library System (ILS) -- with little flexibility or choice -- may not keep pace. Library applications, after all, must change to not only support the ‘storage’ of information but also evolve to enable the creation and dissemination of knowledge in all formats. What’s more, these new workflows must be informed and accelerated by a community in motion; a community that is driven by a quest to move libraries forward in alignment with broader institutional goals and emerging technologies and standards. 

With the legacy ILS likely entrenched in unyielding workflows, closed modules, and hampered by unwieldy and antiquated business models, we have arrived at a time for a disruptive change. What is needed is a fundamental rethinking of technology to allow for flexibility and choice; one that allows for the quick deployment, development, and integration of applications - from multiple providers - in support of knowledge creation, data mining, research and learning objectives, and overall institutional needs. 

What’s needed now is a conversation. To accomplish just that, a new library and vendor collaboration is rapidly taking shape. This session will walk participants through the mission and vision of the FOLIO project: a new library services platform, informed by the community, and one that is open to all to use and grow. We invite you to join in and partake in this important conversation.

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Hi, Peter. Thanks for this proposal.  In it's current form, it feels more like a vendor presentation (although obviously not), and less focused on the trends and ideas that are shaping "libraries of the future." Of course, a collaboration between the open source community and vendors is significant, and this would be a great session for our regular Library 2.0 events--and you're welcome to save it for such. Or if you want to continue exploring now, for this current mini-conference, we'd be interested if there are particular services, trends, or visions that are coming out of these collaborations that would be worth highlighting.


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