How to Embed A Librarian, Library Resources and Service Components in Moodle!

Your Name and Title: Dr. Indira Koneru, Online Course Facilitator      

Organization Name:  Integrating Technology for All

Co-Presenter Name:  

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Hyderabad, India, Asia

Language in Which You Will Present:  English

Target Audience(s): Academic Librarians; Online Instructors

Short Session Description: Embedding a librarian, library resources, instructional services and information literacy tutorials in Moodle Courses.

Full Session Description: We have witnessed decline in the demand for library products and services, as students excessively depend on net-based services and tools. Net generations think Google is all they need!

Are netgen students good at information researching?  Research studies reveal that 84% college students had difficulty just getting started on assignments and another 66% had problems in defining a topic. Providing students with the point-of-need instructional service and guiding them through the information research process helps students acquire inquiry skills required for realizing their learning objectives. In the networked era, we need to embed ourselves in the virtual learning spaces, so as to connect with the students and make library resources and services accessible from within the courses.

Higher Education institutions across the world rely on at least one LMS for offering online or blended learning programs. Adoption of Moodle (open source LMS) is growing at a significant pace when compared to Blackboard and other proprietary LMS.  This is an attempt to present the ways experimented for embedding librarians, library resources, point-of-need instructional services and information literacy tutorials in Moodle.

The presentation will focus on how to:

  1. collaborate with Moodle administrator for creating a librarian role in Moodle site
  2. partner with instructors for embedding a librarian in Moodle courses
  3. make library resources and services accessible from within a course, using Moodle tools
  4. integrate instructional services and information literacy tutorials in Moodle courses for providing point-of-need research assistance.

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I am very interested in your paper. I tried to do something similar while I was working in a secondary school library. I developed pages with library resources for different departments in my school and created in Moodle pathfinders for some research topics.
Dana, glad to learn that we all are trying to embed librarianship in some way or the other. Do you (your institution) use Moodle for teaching LIS programs?
Yes, my institution is using Moodle for teaching. I like it a lot.
Are you integrating library resources and services into Moodle courses?
Its indeed is wonderful concept and the one which is the need of da hour,looking forward for ur session .
Manju, I'm exploring new modules and features of Moodle that enable us embed library resources and services into various courses.
I am interested in your session, we have moodle at our tribal college but there is no library component and I would lilke more info on this.



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