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Implication of Fourth Industrial Revolution for School Library Service Delivery in Nigeria

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Najim Akorede BABALOLA Mr.

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Centre for Educational Media Resource Studies

University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Co-Presenter Name(s): Kolawole Akinjide ARAMIDE (PhD)

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Ibadan, Nigeria

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Target Audience(s): Information Professionals, Librarians

Short Session Description (one line): Fourth Industrial Revolution, School Library Service Delivery

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This study intends to examine the implication of fourth industrial revolution for school library service delivery in Nigeria. The rapid development in Information and communication technology (ICT) has huge impact on library and librarian which includes method of information acquisition, processing, storing and dissemination of information.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing and reshaping government, education, healthcare, and commercial sectors which includes how we live, work, communicate and virtually every other aspects.  Its relevance and importance in libraries cannot be overemphasized. The introduction of new technologies introduced by Fourth industrial revolution is changing and transforming academic libraries from the old conventional method to a new and versatile system.

Despite the relevance and importance of Fourth industrial revolution in libraries, librarians have concerns that integration of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will erode labour force. There is no doubt that traditional avenues of employment will be challenged by the digitization of the workplace, this is evident in the past when computer was introduced in the libraries but today, adoption of computer and its technologies ease the work of librarian. This study therefore intends to discuss relevancy of fourth industrial revolution in library and to librarian as well as the relevant skills and competencies that librarian should seek and acquire to be able live up to task in the 21st century which has the adaptation of fourth industrial revolution technologies.

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