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Your Name and Title: Victoria Raish, Graduate Assistant, Tombros Knowledge Commons

Library, School, or Organization Name: Penn State UniversityCo-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Eastern United States

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Distance Education, Technology Experts, Academic Librarians interested in serving distance education students

Short Session Description (one line): The burgeoning online student population deserves the same kind of support and expertise as residential students from their university library.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): The growth of online students has exploded as technology advances. Students no longer receive courses through correspondence and can connect to other students and instructors at the click of a button or slide of a finger. Unfortunately, many universities are behind in providing the kind of support that these students need to thrive and excel. This session will illustrate the importance of having a librarian, instructional designer, or education technologist to solely serve the needs of online students. Receiving an education online can be just as quality as receiving one face-to-face, but these students cannot be expected to complete their education with minimal support. A quality library will support all paying students, regardless of location and method of attendance. 

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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Please find my prepared PowerPoint presentation attached!


Thanks Victoria!  I'm actually going to be providing some standard Library 2.015 conference slides in the next week or so that you can append to your PPT file.  You're so well prepared!

More soon,


Thanks everyone who came to my session! It was really great being able to give this presentation. 



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