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Just click here – imparting effective scholarly habits to digital natives – the why, the what and the how!

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 Heather Todd

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 University of Queensland Library etc.

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Janine Schmidt, Director, Mukurta Consulting


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Librarians from universities

Librarians involved in delivering training programs in any library


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Just click here – imparting effectiv  scholarly habits to digital natives – the why, the what and the how!



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In a mobile, wireless, cloudy world and the age of do it yourself service delivery, surveys are reporting that digital natives are experiencing difficulty engaging in the scholarly enterprise. Libraries are providing less professional guidance to users at physical inquiry desks; adopting self-service techniques through website developments, using online chat for information and reference services, relying in some instances on social networking for user contact and one size fits all online training programs, and assuming that new resource discovery layers and Google or Google-like search engines reveal all. Yet  huge issues are emerging about user issues in discovering, accessing and using effectively relevant information for learning, research and problem solving. Students in particular seem to be experiencing more challenges gaining scholarly habits. What is the current situation with user behaviour? What are the gaps in skills and knowledge? What are libraries doing to assist users in gaining scholarly habits? How can social networking and other online information developments be used to impart skills and knowledge to fill the gaps?  What is the role of high touch and the place of the professional librarian in today’s world?


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Heather, you have been raising great questions about "Scholarly Habit"! I have been wondering about similar "E-Scientific Culture" while I am working as a data services librarian.
Great, great argument for the role of librarians.

Hi Heather and Janine,


Good to hear from you and what a tech challenge that was!  Sorry I left my mic on for so long.  Thanks for the tip on Informit - I hadn't realised it's on TROVE now - fantastic.

I'll look through your slides  again later - lots of interesting stuff.


Thanks and cheers,

Jan (Weaver)



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