Learning Everywhere: Transformative Power of Hyperlinked Libraries

Your Name and Title: Dr. Michael Stephens, Assistant Professor

Library, School, or Organization Name: San Jose State University School of Library & Information Science

Co-Presenter Name(s): NA

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: New Zealand (will be there for the LIANZA Conference)

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s):  Librarians and information professionals of all types

Short Session Description (one line):This session explores how library services may change with the advent of MOOCs and mobile classrooms in the palm of one's hand?

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Mobile and Web technologies are changing the way we live and learn. Libraries can play a key role in this future. Imagine the emerging hyperlinked library as a creation space, community space, anything space. Imagine this library available everywhere via mobile devices and tablets. Imagine opportunities for user learning supported and facilitated by librarians. How will library services change with MOOCs and mobile classrooms in the palm of one's hand? What skills will staff require? What does this future look like going forward as we encourage learning everywhere as a means for transformative change for ourselves and our users.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: http://tametheweb.com/category/learning-everywhere/

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