Your Name and Title: David Stern, Library Director

Library, School, or Organization Name: Saint Xavier University

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Chicago, IL, USA

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s):

Short Session Description (one line): Librarians introduce the Information Lifecycle as a way to contextualize the many tools and techniques one will require over the course of a research career

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

The librarian role: making the complex suite of tools and resources more understandable by introducing them as part of the Information Lifecycle in each discipline and as elements of mature Information Fluency and Personal Knowledge Management skills.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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How do you address "generation gaps" among librarian staff in regards to learning, adapting, and utilizing [new] information?  

I do not believe there are "generation gaps" based upon age or experience. Some people have always been more visual, while others are more linear. Technologies often emphasize or empower some aspects, so it seems to be time-dependent. Any type of learner with any orientation can be excited if the technique is introduced in a fascinating way that resonates with their interests or needs. 

Hi, David!  We're not sure we're going to have room to accept more than one proposal from a presenter, and the OER presentation is more compelling to us for this event. At the same time, we are interested in this topic, and depending on sessions space might consider it. Questions we have: What is the information lifecycle? Who is the audience? Can you give a description that is more concrete?

The information lifecycle is a way to see changing roles, responsibilities, skills, and associated tools and techniques as one develops into a mature researcher, teacher, administrator, and perhaps society leader. The lifecycle shows how changing tasks require different tools. The image is found on the bottom of my page which has a deeper description

OK, thanks, got it!



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