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Your name and title: Laurie Putnam, Lecturer and Communications Consultant (@NextLibraries)

Library, school, or organization: San Jose State University School of Information

Co-presenter names

Mark Hudson, Head of Adult Services, Monroeville Public Library

Tasha Bergson-Michelson, Instructional and Programming Librarian, Castilleja School (@researchwell)

Area of the world from which you will presentNorth America. Two presenters will be in California, and one will be in Pennsylvania. (We would prefer the earliest possible timeslot.)

Language in which you will present: English

Target audience(s): This session will be especially useful for public, school, and academic librarians. However, the content may be of interest to any information professional looking for ways to support informed communities in a democratic society.

Short session description: Let’s talk about ways libraries can help people become active, informed citizens through programs on current events, civics, news literacy, and more.

Full session description:

Libraries have long supported democratic societies as centers of learning, information, and community.

Today, as issues grow more complex and the public questions the reliability of media sources, civic literacy becomes more important than ever. As trusted institutions, libraries are well positioned to help the people of their communities become more informed citizens and critical thinkers who are prepared to participate in a democratic society. Let’s talk about opportunities for libraries to get involved. We’ll hear from a school librarian and a public librarian about some of the civic engagement programs their libraries deliver — including civics discussions, resource guides on current events, and news literacy education — and we want to hear your ideas as well.

Associated links:

“How Libraries Are Curating Current Events, Becoming Community Debate Hubs”

MediaShift, May 3, 2016

Libraries Improving Public Participation and Democracy Facebook group:

Monroeville Public Library’s Hot Topics: - !blog/c190e

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