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Hopefully you feel I'm doing a good job keeping the network going!  I've added some new features to the front page, and am excited to help you continue valuable discussions there.  Last night on my interview series I interviewed the authors of 21st Century Skills, and when asked about the role of librarians, they stated what I have been saying for some time:  the librarian is the best new model for teaching.

For those of you who are Teacher Librarians, I also want to make sure you're aware of the started by Joyce Valenza, who's also doing a monthly live online show under the name "TL Cafe" at the network:  If anyone here wants to participate, be sure to reach out to her, or if you want to start an online show on some other aspect of Library 2.0, let me know--I'm pretty good at helping to set those up!

On to the request.  There are two things I'd like to do for the network but they will require some funding.  I own the domain name, and I can set it up to resolve to the Ning network but it costs $4.95 a month to do so.  I'd also like to get rid of the ads on the site, but that's another $24.95 a month.  Is there anyone in the network who works for an organization that might like to cover these costs, say on a yearly basis, in return for some modest/thoughtful recognition on the front page?  The way I've done this on another site I run is to place a small graphic for the organization saying "Supported by: ... "  In these budget-tight times this may not be easy to do, but if someone is able to do so it might represent a significant improvement to the site.

Any other ideas or suggestions for the network most welcome!



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"can set it up to resolve to the Ning network but it costs $4.95 a month to do so." = too much.

Go to - set up a free account and add up to 5 domain nameservers and other nips and tucks at no extra charge (the 6th one would cost ~5? annually and decreasing per number added from there)

Once your domain(s) are set up in zoneedit, you set your registrar config to point to the zoneedit nameservers and you're all set.

Does that help any?
Ning has their own way of associating the network and all correspondence and links using your domain name. I know there are other ways, but the integration is actually valuable and worth the cost--and I don't begrudge them charging since what they do is so valuable... :)
Hi Steve
Why not put up a donate money button? They do this on another network I'm on ( and it's raised a fair bit of money.
Great idea. I'll check into it!
We got a sponsor! Brentwood School in Los Angeles, California--kudos to their library and tech team. More information to come. Ning has to complete the full shift of control of the network over to me before I can make the changes, but expect to be online soon and the ads to disappear!

Thanks for all your great work so far. Does Ning's announcement of switching to a pay system create any difficult issues?
We'll have to wait and see what they ultimately do, but right now we should be fine since we area a paying customer! :)


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