Library as a place of training live a long teaching: use information and multimedia new technology for personal development: self-creation and self-promotion.

Your Name and Title: Jan Jackowicz-Korczyński
Library, School, or Organization Name:Middle & High Shool no. 6 in Gdansk, Poland, Initiator and coordinator no formal net initiative: ,,e-positive, e-creative, e-solidarity NETWORKING'', ,,European Youth Information Agency Initiative'', ,,Youth Coders Net Worshop''.

Co-Presenter Name(s):Group of students and youth leaders in networking experiments (a few people: 3-5)
Area of the World from Which You Will Present:
Experimental educational projects implemented in Poland under non-formal education.

Language in Which You Will Present: english

Target Audience(s):
Librarians from different countries who are interested in cooperating in the development of a network of ideas using new technologies for self-creation and self-promotion.

Short Session Description:
Library as a place of training live a long teaching: use information and multimedia new technology  for personal development: self-creation and self-promotion.

Full Session Description:

The starting point of the concept:
1) School class is a place where there is collective learning.

2) The library is a place of support for individual education.

3) Internet has caused a great revolution in access to information and communication between people. Never before in human history as it was ten, a single man has a powerful tool - the computer pinned to the Internet. How he uses it only depend on his will.

4)Internet utilities tools are very easy to use and intuitive. Young people spend on the internet every day a lot of time (average 2-5 hours or more).

5) Young people use the Internet mostly for social contact, enjoyment and consumption (mp3, movies). Internet would help in education and now rather hinder the full development of the young man.The Internet is a boost. Can strongly enhance the development, but also stagnant. This is a big problem now leave. Adult generation is not prepared for this problem. Youth and children already have this big problem.

My Experimental Proposition:

 1. The library can serve as further support of individual education - work on personal development. Can serve as instructional and support individual development paths using new technologies. I think that the library should be a place of such support. (as formerly in the days just printed information). Purpose library has not changed - changed external conditions and means of action.

2) Building a knowledge society is not only consumption of information but more of an understanding, and CREATING, and SHARING.

3) We want to show how we try to solve this problem in our non-formal education projects. Our projects are working with individual young people who are creative and ambitious. The most important thing that they WANT to grow. Our projects show them how to use new information technologies, networking and multimedia personal development and self-promotion.Our projects use the Internet applications in the cloud and can cooperate in these young people wherever they live and the language used.

4) We are now doing two projects. We'll show them together with their young players:

a) Project: European Yout Information Agency: 
Young people are online journalists on the Internet. They do interviews, reports, document the interesting local events. They use this network and all the latest media technology. This is good training to develop communication, creativity, speaking skills in the form of written and spoken, telling the image (photo, video ...) That's all you can easily share and publish on the web.  The library can be a place of coordination of such a creative activity for young people. We show how to do it.

 b) Network Platforms: YOUTHCODERS NET 
It is a network platform supporting self-study targeted young people in information technology. Young people instantly publish their achievements and new information obtained in the field of information technology in which they develop. Complement each other and support each other. The system has built-in ranking of activity and creativity in the service and is helpful in mobilizing the activity. The patron of the project is the largest Polish publisher of computer books. 

5) The most important in both of these projects is the individual development project participant in a network of similar enthusiasts and artists. The main key of success is PERSONAL CREATIVITY supported by the SYSTEM and NETWORK PARTNERS.This can be a good task for the library of the 21st century: continue to initiate and promote personal development and creativity. Historically, the library has implemented a tool printed books and periodicals. Today should do the same with networking tools and multimedia.

Our projects are just an example. Support the library may relate to individual development of each topic.
In our projects we will be happy to cooperate with libraries in other countries. We can provide them with all of our networking tools and expertise.

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