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kYmberly Keeton, Graduate Student 

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The University of North Texas

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Houston, Texas (United States of America)

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Target Audience(s): Graduate Students, Bloggers, Writers, Advocates for Change, Faculty

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Learn how and why graduate students need to create and maintain blogs in the 21st century. 

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library intellect, is an online graduate student blogging guide.

The presentation (blog) was created to encourage current graduate students in Library Science & Information Technology Programs to blog about their own reality in academia, advocacy, current trends, organizations, and future professional endeavors.

The blogging guide features tips on how to create, maintain, host, and market a successful blog online. The guide is FREE to use, and please do share the information with others. The library intellect graduate student blogging guide will be available online beginning in fall 2013.

FREE | Download E-Guide on 10.18.2013

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