“Library Ladies” are the True Leaders for Future Ready Libraries & Students

Your Name and Title: Jennifer Boudrye Director of Library Programs

Library, School, or Organization Name: District of Columbia Public Schools

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: District of Columbia

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): administrators, leaders, managers, librarians

Short Session Description:  

Many librarians in today's schools are women. In order to overcome stereotypes, gender inequality and gender gaps, women must 'blaze a trail' for Future Ready preparedness for school libraries and become leaders in their districts. This presentation will illustrate ways librarians can use their expertise to be more than "Library Ladies" and help prepare students for life in a technologically driven, fast-paced, challenging world.  

Full Session Description: 

School library media specialists are predominantly female, but school leaders, central administrators, and technology leaders tend to be male. It's up to the librarian in every school to lead and promote the importance of their role and share their own wide-ranging expertise with administration. The school library has taken a back seat to technology, despite the fact that Future Ready skills are a blend of information literacy and technology, where librarians have always led the pack.

As schools seek to be future ready, there is a need to creatively leverage new kinds of teacher leadership. Teacher librarians are uniquely qualified to support the digital transformation of schools. Leading districts across the U.S. are empowering librarians to lead, teach and support innovation in a number of critical ways. Rather than viewing libraries and librarians as out of date, district leaders are reimagining libraries as learning commons and maker spaces. Librarians are leading digital citizenship and information literacy instruction, curating diverse digital content and supporting educational technology integration.

Recently, the Alliance for Excellent Education (the Alliance) in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, announced Future Ready Librarians, an expansion of the Future Ready initiative aimed at positioning librarians as leaders in the digital transformation of learning. The Future Ready initiative helps district leaders recognize the potential of digital tools and align necessary technologies with instructional goals to support teaching and learning.

Jennifer Boudrye, who is involved with the Lilead Project as well as Follett's Project Connect, will illustrate how administration can support librarians, and how those librarians have a more influential voice to impact key curriculum and digital decisions and become key players in their districts. As a result, their students are better prepared for college and career, and the librarians' expertise is more fully utilized, as they 'teach more and librarian less'.

Developing clear goals and expectations is the first step to changing the tide. Providing training and support with clarity is vital. Consistently communicating the value of library programs and celebrating great work is essential to raise the value of the role and to motivate all to achieve excellence.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Sessionhttp://futureready.org/about-the-effort/librarians/

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Yes, ladies are dominants in the libraries. In my opinion they have more words to say, to talk. And on my own experience of improving the Eglish I found they have higher and more clear voice, better to listen to them. In this way I was able to improve better my pronunciation. So I found that reading one on one with a lady makes me feel more confortable. Maybe there will be more readers who want an one on one time with a librarian. I was thinking to write a list of my own kindle library. Maybe is a good idea to see if we have same book and maybe we can read one on one from it. I have to think where I can put a list like that on this site. What do you think?



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