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Greetings Library 2.0 Members,

This is my first discussion opportunity.  I would like to know what each member's relationship is to the Library specifically to enhance Lifelong Learning opportunities for yourself and others.

I can start by saying the the Library was my focus point researching via the Library computer resource to produce the 'Seniorpreneur Project'.  After several years of research I was able to write and self-publish my first and only one to date non-fiction book.

I believe that the Library in the present and the future will be the key for empowering Seniors 50 plus to become more active, creative, productive and prosperous in their pre-retirement or retirement life.  I also believe that the local Library could evolve to be the THE Lifelong Learning Center for seniors which could necessarily replace the traditional Seniors Center for learning.

What do you think?

Joe W.

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I think the library will be a creative center where griups or tribes of similar minded people will congregate to share ideas views and become creators rather than passive consumers of knowledge. A place for all ages.


I like your comment about trying to get alternatives for the library instead of patrons just being passive consumers of knowledge.  My suggestion here is to renovate libraries or if there is new construction add a separate room to have these 'creative centers' for grownups or tribes of like minded people.  

I would like to know if there are any libraries right now somewhere in North America or any other Country where there is an existing room designated for special meetings.  These rooms could also be insulated from any other patrons in the rest of the library to preserve the quite space.

Joe W.

Very Nice Thanks For Sharing


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