I realize that this forum is more about the digital library, but we still do have books.  So my question is:  Do any of you have any tried and true methods for getting middle school students to work with you to keep the shelves in order?  I have considered using shelf markers, but the kids don't really use them for their intended purpose and often leave them on the shelves.  I understand that there will be a certain amount of misplaced books.  That is to be expected.  But, this year in particular, we seem to have an overwhelming amount.  Any ideas would be sincerely appreciated.  Thanks!

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I have a few suggestions, though I wouldnt consider them "tried and true"!

1. Have bookcarts where the students can leave items that they removed from the shelves.  Then, have a few dedicated volunteers / students who show interest in the library help to reshelve them.

2. Assign a student / students sections that are theirs to help you to monitor.  This will help them to take ownership, in a sense, of the library.  It is there for them to use but also to help keep neat!

3. If you have the ability, reduce the numbers on the items' labels.  For example, for spiders, put all books under j595.44 SPIDER  and then the author's or editor's name.


I hope at least one of these are possible!



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