Mongolian Librarians still paying the lost books price, How we change.

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Mr. Begzsuren Jamsranjav

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Library and Information Technology Association

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Asia

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to all

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By Ulaanbaatar Public Library Administration rule, 50 percent cost of lost books payed by circulation librarians. 

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Before 2008, all lost books price payed by circulation librarian. 1-2 circulation librarians was responsible to care 5000-8000 copies.

Ulaanbaatar Central Public Library shifted to open stacks in September, 2008. Then, 8-12 librarians are responsible to care 80000-100000 copies in the open stacks. We hope, patrons will be happy and responsible. Library security and surveillance system are looks like modern but library still losing more books, and 50 percent cost of lost books payed by 8-12 circulation librarians. 

I want to introduce Mongolian librarians above situation to the World librarians, then looking for solution and cooperation to change.

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please, I attached my presentation file


This is such an important issue to solve to help transform your collections and take the financial burden off of the staff. I know that this is also the case in Kazakhstan that circulation librarians are financially responsible for lost items.

Robin Kear



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