hw to create online free questionnar if any software or web site pls give me details 

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Survey Monkey works pretty well, and you don't have to pay for it, only if you want the bells & whistles. Another I heard about was doodle.com, but I don't know if it has a free component.
Vic Nunez,
Lakeland Public Library, Lakeland, Florida
you can use Google Docment (http://docs.google.com) Go to >> Create New >> Form
And then creat ur Question and The Questionnar Ditales.

There's also zoomerang, but we've compared it to Survey Monkey and Survey Monkey seems much better.

I've only used doodle.com to set up meetings. You can fill in dates and times you are available and send out a request to everyone else who is invited. Each person then can select which of those dates and times they could make a meeting. Then you can figure out when most ppl are available. Works really great and it is free. But, I don't think you could do just a general survey with it.



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