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The pandemic resource page for libraries is here.

If we were to quickly do outreach for speakers for a public webinar on preparing for the (Wuhan) Coronavirus, are there individuals or groups you would suggest we contact?

Steve - the contact at the Cleveland Clinic is:

  • Halle Weston, Cleveland Clinic Media Services
  • 216-445-8592

I tweeted this out earlier today, at

Thank you.

A webinar would be excellent.  Someone from ALA would be great since they already have something in place.  I'm checking with the Cleveland Clinic to see if someone there could be part of a panel.


That's great. There wasn't a contact name on the ALA stuff, so I'm reaching out to a couple of people I know there. Let me know if you have any luck.

National Library of Medicine. Disaster Information Management Research Center. Pandemic Influenza: Preparedness and Response

Thank you! Adding now.

I received this information about free access to scientific articles about coronavirus from Paulina Milewska:



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