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Protection From a Shooter in the Library-Hello from Minnesota!

Hello to all from the heart of Minnesota!  I am the Library Director of the Hanska Community Library in Hanska, MN!  Hanska is a very small town of about 400 and the Library is the smallest community Library in MN.  However, you would be surprised at how many books we circulate per month just in Brown County alone!  We also serve the populations of Albion, Linden and Lake Hanska Township! 

I look forward to this webinar because I realize that even though we are a small community, every place has its small problems!  We have a lot of children here everyday and I love each and every one of them and we have a lot of children's activities so I want to have a good plan in place to do my best to protect them in the event of a shooter or a tornado or anything else!

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