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Lise M. Dyckman, Executive Director

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PlaneTree Health Library

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: USA, Northern California (Santa Clara County aka Silicon Valley)

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Reference librarians in all library types, Consumer health librarians, Library information web designers

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Putting the heart [back] into an online library

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he adjective “wholehearted” implies practices and qualities that are embodied in people, and conveyed through interpersonal relationships. But do the people have to be physically present to demonstrate compassion, shared humanity, empathy, or curiosity? 

The PlaneTree Health Library has been wrestling with these questions over the last three years, specifically::

  • Are there ways to convey librarians’ authentic presence online beyond interactive virtual reference media? 

  • Can a library known for its individual reference support in a brick-and-mortar setting keep those wholehearted qualities when it moves to an all-online environment?  

  • For that matter, what’s the value of a library in a community that is overabundantly supplied with online health information? Does the presence of professional librarians’ wholehearted qualities (as well as their professional discernment) add value to the information presented?

In this presentation we share some of our discoveries, observations, and experiments, framed by the perspective of what might be applicable to other library situations and environments.

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