Putting the 'Oomph' back into Reading with Literature Circles, Blogging and Twitter

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Justine Hughes, Educator / Education Consultant

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Virtual Technologies

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New Zealand

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Teachers, Librarians, Parents, Students

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Using discussion-based Literature Circles combined with Twitter to create a passion for reading.

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Literature Circles that are discussion based - NO worksheets - have proven to be a way in to developing passion and excitement for reading in the classes I've worked with over the past 10 years, particularly for boys.

Combine this with Twitter to encourage debate and discussion and you've got the potential for an exciting environment that builds a life-long passion for reading.

A few years ago I wrote an article for Magpies Magazine, (attached), about how exciting I've found Literature Circles to be and the impact they have had on not only students' passion and motivation for reading but also the impact they've had on achievement levels in reading in general.  I've now taken this concept and added in Twitter and Blogging and the impact is even more tangible.  

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Looks great!

I want to get wake up early for this, I hope I remember!  I plan to check out your websites now (during my normal awake hours!)



Hi Okle

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!  I love how using this form of Lit Circles has impacted my students' love of reading and books over the past few years.  The evidence has been really clear in all of their reading results / achievement levels without exception which is pretty cool.

Our presentations will also be available in a recorded format just in case you miss it and I'm always happy to answer ant questions / talk about it.

I've tried to pick a time where I could reach as many people as I could who would be interested so here's hoping. :-)



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