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Ellen Forsyth, Public Library Services Consultant

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State Library of New South Wales

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Vassiliki Veros 

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Library workers 

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How far can a twitter reading group reach? 

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Readit2011 is a twitter based reading group run by the New South Wales Public Library Network Readers Advisory Group.  It is open to anyone, anywhere; to participate you just need to read and then tweet about your reading. 


The Group’s blog a href="">>  provides information about each month’s themes. People tweet about their reading using the relevant hashtag for that month’s theme.  At the end of each month there is a real time twitter-based discussion on the reading for each theme.  It provides a great opportunity for readers who use Twitter to connect with each other; and those readers who don’t tweet can read along with the themes as well.


In 2012 the Readers Advisory Group is organising and coordinating a twitter reading group for the National Year of Reading.  Readers anywhere can participate, you don’t need to be in Australia to read along.  You don’t even need to use twitter, you may want to discuss your reading in a face to face group, write blog posts, or take photographs of it.  You can read what ever you like to fit in with the themes each month.  You could participate by reading twitter streams, blog posts, recipes, books, or reading within games.  This is a reading group for all kinds of readers and all formats of reading.  Libraries can also use it as a planning tool for their calendar of events planning face to face reading groups, story times, or almost anything around these themes.


It is about taking conversations about reading out of the physical walls of libraries, using ‘third places’ on the internet that are already the site of much discussion and community.  It is a unique opportunity to bring together readers, librarians, authors, publishers, library clients and potential library clients.

The reading can take place across many platforms, it can be adapted, augmented
and played with.  The focus is on reading and the many different ways that people can enjoy reading.

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