I just got a message to my inbox that this Forum maybe will be closed down if we - all these eminent members - not contribute with more stuff here. It takes time to keep a Ning going, but the whole idea about a Ning is that we all can do it together! Keep it alive! If we all contribute with just ONE good idea, discussion, blogpost or event, this page would be full of useful things!!! Wouldn ´t that be nice?

It is so sad to say goodbye to all people we can get to know here. We should make new friends instead, and connect, and say HELLO!

Do you have a useful idea, thought, question or just some thing that is on your mind, please share it with us, and keep this Forum Open!


Here is my thought of the day: I am working near the researches at a Medical Device Company and I am trying to persuade them to learn more about web 2.0 but they seem to be very skeptical. What can I say to change their minds? What argument can I use?

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I am afraid I have been very inactive here, and that's an understatement. Partly because I'm not a librarian, was just interested in following discussions and maybe butting in one if I had anything to say. But whatever the decision about this group, I wish to express my great gratitude to librarians - in general because you are so important in guiding people towards what they want to know, in books or online. And in particular because of your defense of users' rights when they come under attack: whether from benighted governments or under pressure of the content lobby.
I don't think you can persuade them to be interested in 'web 2.0' but they are already surely interested in being closer to their customers, having clearer and more transparent communications internally, and having a 'modern' website. Two ideas: try to speak their language, and do a demo (especially a demo of a competitor who is using 2.0 tech). The screen will speak for you.

Good luck! As for the ning group, it doesn't seem moribund to me. Maybe better spam protection is in order? Move to a different platform that isn't as spam-prone? You've got resources to draw on right here in the group.

For what it's worth!
If your colleagues are researchers, they probably want to keep up on research in the field of medical devices. There's a bundle of easy things they can do.

I subscribe to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office alerts to keep me informed about patent applications in an area of technology where I'm doing research. The free service that I use is called FreshPatents, http://www.freshpatents.com.

Another really useful tool is Google Alerts, http://www.google.com/alerts/. If you have a Google account you can easily set up unlimited alerts of news sources, blogs, and websites. You can monitor any topic, business, or personal name or anything that you can construct a query for. The results are sent to you by email at whatever frequency you prefer. People are always amazed at how informed I am, but it's all because of these alerts. Subscribing and unsubscribing only take a few seconds.

An alternative to getting the Google Alerts and FreshPatents alerts by email is to select "feed" when you set it up. That creates an RSS feed of the alerts. RSS allows you all kinds of options. Let's say you want to track the company or mentions of your SEO in the news. You can create the alert feed and then display or parse that feed on your website. Within minutes of the company being mentioned in the news, you have a link to the story right on your website. It's there like magic and makes it look like you have an army of workers on the job night and day diligently scouring the news. Once you have created the alert feed there are numerous ways to display feeds such as by using Google gadgets and Widgetbox RSS widgets.

Ray Matthews
Utah State Library
Hi Ray,

Like Claude Almansi, I am also rather inactive as I am not a librarian. However, some of my colleagues are librarians and I think that library 2.0 is the way to go. Hence, I pop in once a while to see what's latest and greatest with library technologies.

Good tip on patent alert. I am more on google alerts. Where the info on healthcare & web2.0 that feeds through google reader already overwhealms me. That should be a good way for Moniqa to start finding out relevant information.

ps+ I studied my postgrad at USU. Loved my time there, but seriously under utilized the library back then. You are in a great library Ray!
I don't think that we should stop this. I know how difficult and time consuming to maintain a group. I'm doing it for 7 years for a group of librarians, yet didn't see more than one effective discussion throughout. Many participants just want to 'listen'. Also, they will use it for new uses if you continue to keep the group alive. For example, after several people started requesting scholarly articles through the group (and started receiving too), the service got popularized. This group also may divert from its original goals, but if that's what people need, may that be. Such a move takes time to originate. Therefore don't get discouraged, if you can, CONTINUE.
Please keep this site going!
Regarding skeptics of web 2.0 - how about do a demo? I did one to my colleagues. I put major web 2.0 tools together and did a conceptual talk as well as what benefit we could get from use those online tools. It was useful, at least colleagues not longer feel that I talk a language from aliens. Good luck.
Yeah, this Ning was such a good idea. Wish it was more active. But, like everyone else, I've just been too busy to post.
I will miss this site if it goes away.
I also received an email telling me you are closing the website down. I urge you to reconsider. I have just added this to my google reader and hopefully will be much better about checking in more often.

I did stop checking in as I didn't get very much action on my posts. As a school library media specialist I read a lot, I lurk but I don't usually say anything unless I have something worthwhile to say.
Is it possible to spread Library 2.0 through other social utilities (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr for example) and vice-versa?

If so, perhaps that will give Library 2.0 the boost it needs.

I'm not sure what to say about how to spread web 2.0 to the uninitiated; wiser minds than mine will probably have something useful to add.
It is already on twitter. I wonder how hard it would be to have a group on Facebook...I am on that one all the time.
The only reason I haven't got more involved is because I am only a library assistant and it seemed when I joined that this was meant for no nonsense library 2.0 discussions between librarians. I would have liked to use this site for discussing all things library related and not just the 2.0 aspects of current librarianship. Is this *allowed*?!
Im not sure if I am alone in thinking this, but I felt very put off posting anything when I first joined simply because of my status. I hope this site doesn't get closed.



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