I just got a message to my inbox that this Forum maybe will be closed down if we - all these eminent members - not contribute with more stuff here. It takes time to keep a Ning going, but the whole idea about a Ning is that we all can do it together! Keep it alive! If we all contribute with just ONE good idea, discussion, blogpost or event, this page would be full of useful things!!! Wouldn ´t that be nice?

It is so sad to say goodbye to all people we can get to know here. We should make new friends instead, and connect, and say HELLO!

Do you have a useful idea, thought, question or just some thing that is on your mind, please share it with us, and keep this Forum Open!


Here is my thought of the day: I am working near the researches at a Medical Device Company and I am trying to persuade them to learn more about web 2.0 but they seem to be very skeptical. What can I say to change their minds? What argument can I use?

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My experience on other kinds of forum (online study, interest groups, etc) is that about 95% of people 'lurk' and about 5% actually talk and contribute.

I don't intend to imply whether that is good or bad, but the 'intereactive' part of Web 2.0 does seem to imply contributing rather than simply consuming (reading). Or is reading sufficient interaction? In which case, what is the difference we hope to highlight with 2.0 models?

I am not a qualified librarian, and only joined a public library service after turning 50. However, I finagled my way into the computer department, not as ICT, but involved in both staff and public training and facilitating, so I have a special interest in the possibilities of Library 2.0.

I mostly face blank indifference, I have to say - and what little interaction staff find interesting (Facebook, etc) is of course frowned on by management, or (like Blogger and Twitter) blocked by ICT filters. Sigh.

You can stay in touch with my stumbling progress as Anon of Ibid. The library may even get a Facebook presence this year (I've already built it, just waiting for someone to decide I can publish it, because someone will have to maintain it...
I too was sorry to hear that the site is closing. But like you said, we have only ourselves to blaim for being too inactive.

It is hard to keep up with what's happening in so many different places.

In our library (The Danish National Library) we have been trying to find ways to integrate with Web 2.0 services out there in order to make our collections more accessible. We have digitized about 140.000 works (Danish literature, some journals, many photos, some maps) that we try to expose and integrate in the internet community. We have also tried to do some training for our researchers/subject specialists in that area, I think to some small extent it has been useful.
I just recently became a member, put a question on the forum, and waited impatiently for some responses. The 'closing' email, I believe, has been a wake up call for many people. Already I have received a few responses to my post, and it also reminded me the key ingredient regarding anything 2.0: interaction on everyone's part, and the only interaction I can control is my own. I will strive to contribute anything to most of the discussions on this site, even if it is just asking questions or producing my humble opinion. I'm sure everyone understands if a person decides to shut down a site that hasn't been active for a while (for it must be time-consuming work to keep the site going), but I'm also sure that I'm not alone in hoping that there is enough recent activity to create a growing snowball of participation with all of us.

Regarding your question, Moniqa: I'm not sure what device they are working on, but I would assume that everyone (esp. anyone affiliated with the Health profession, would value receiving and sharing valuable information with many people instantly. I would try to collect some data on the growth of certain companies that have utilized 2.0. I've heard that numbers speak the loudest in these types of debates, so if you can find any data, run with it.
I'm glad there has been a healthy response to this discussion. Good for all of you! I'm hoping some of my background will help keep your network alive.

I think it might help to have some folks who act as "hosts"--just looking out for new members and helping discussions along. I'm not thinking of formal duties, but a willingness to be more visible on the network.

I've added myself as a host, so you can go to the member page and see what this is about. I'll take myself off once some real library folks volunteer. :)



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