Just curious. Who has used Skype in the library to bring in a (virtual) guest author, illustrator, or other special person? Did you need to get your City or School District IT Department to unblock access to Skype for the occasion?

Also, if you had access to Skype or other interactive voice or voice/video system, what would you want to do with it? For example:

- Have a monthly guest author, legislator, celebrity talk about an issue or book?
- Create a special "Meet the Press" or "Meet the Author" type of lunchtime or after school event?
- Visit other school libraries in the district (virtually), with teacher librarian and 2-3 students "giving the tour" and recommending 2-3 books?

This seems like a very visible and fun way to demonstrate a 2.0 Library. How have you used it? How have you promoted it? How did it change the library image (if measurable)?


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