I for one would be really sad to see this group go as I have found the contacts made and the advice given extremely beneficial. As an information manager I have high hopes for Web 2.0, but ironically managing yet more information streams and networks adds another burden to an already heavy workload. I suspect I'm not alone in this thought.


Perhaps that's an idea for this or another group - focus onhelp and assistance for managing your social media activity...  Just a thought.

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I think the lack of use is unfortunately symptomatic of a problem amongst librarians generally and particularly public ones, from my experience in the UK, far too few library staff have grasped the Web 2.0 concept and some councils have banned their staff from using it. I also think that those who are engaged in Library 2.0 activities are using other communication modes - like Facebook, Twitter, Pageflakes, and other established sites, and sadly there is a threshold of usage needed to gather momentum which hasn't been reached here.
I agree with you on this Glyn, Library 2.0 types are using these other outlets, espectially LinkedIn. Though I do find that for all their ubiquity it's difficult to find posts of relevance on FB and Twitter, unlike a network such as this...

I'm looking to get a few folks who'd be willing to be "hosts" of the network--just those who would look to welcome others in and be visible, but without any really tangible or time-consuming duties. Would you be game?




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