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Kathleen Phillips, MLIS -- Digital and Reference Librarian

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Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College

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Charleston, WV

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Digital Librarians, eResource Librarians, Community Colleges, Students

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No books.  No magazines.  No journals.  This is not your traditional library.

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The first question many librarians have when faced with the task of creating a digital library is, "Where do I even begin?"  Not only will this presentation discuss the beginning steps in creating and launching a digital library, but also how to make it a successful and popular aspect an institution.  New technologies and materials, budgets and spaces are the main components of a digital library’s foundation and structure.  Subscription-based and free resources fill this structure with a world of materials, and marketing attracts both students and faculty to this exciting new virtual information arena.  Digital libraries also serve as unique spaces which allow both traditional and nontraditional students the room and tools to grow the technical skills that have become so important and sought after in the job market.  Employers are seeking those who are not only confident in skills already possessed but those who are confident that new skills can be learned and mastered.  The “digital library” template was created for and applied at our institution.  What worked?  What failed?  What does the future hold?  

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