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Név: Márton Fekete


Munkahely: BA, University of Debrecen


Társszerző (társelőadó) neve: Andrea Kis


Language in Which You Will Present: Hungarian


Target Audience(s): Especially those connected to reading research and those interested in the challenges offered by the digital generation


Short Session Description (one line): An exact formula to measure, score and evaluate the level of digital literacy


Full Session Description:

We shall define the three levels of digital literacy according to our research: digital reading, digital writing and digital literacy.

A formula making it possible to put an exact number to the level of digital literacy of any sample had been created and shall now be presented.

We shall present the “test run” of the formula by commenting on the general digital literacy of the high school students of the European Union.


With the general understanding of the umbrella-like nature of digital literacy and by using the presented formula it becomes possible to exactly measure the graph of level of digital literacy in any given group. Thus it can be seen what, if any help this group needs to become well informed and to manage in the world of digital information sources.

For unless we cover these corner stones, it might be a mistake even to think about integrating social networks, electronic information channels or virtual presentation halls into education. After familiarizing ourselves with the general digital literacy of any group, however, we allow ourselves to harmonize the traditional pedagogical notions and the modern digital possibilities both in quality and quantity.

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