ALA Presents: The Influence of E-Trends on Library Management

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Kathy Rosa, Director 

Office for Research & Statistics


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American Library Association


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Chicago, Illinois, United States


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Target Audience(s): Library Managers/Administrators, Reference/Instruction Librarians, Librarians


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In this session, you will learn what current e-trends are, why they demand changes in library management and how you can manage the changes instead of letting the changes manage you.


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There are many challenges to managing libraries in today’s digitized and networked world. E-Trends are complicating the traditional library management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. So what’s a library manager to do? While it is difficult enough to keep up with the lingo, i.e. clouds, digital content;  the more difficult challenge lies with handling  issues such as changes in societal expectations about  formats and delivery of  information.  The results of this megatrends-style analysis of popular media, library statistics, job descriptions, and the LIS research will help you form a realistic picture of current e-trends. You will leave the session with strategies for managing the changes resulting from e-trends.

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Hi Kathy - 

A timely topic!  I think this would be a great companion presentation to mine.  ~Jennifer.

Hi Jennifer,

Great! What is your topic?



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