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The role librarians will be playing in furthering democracy learning in their schools.

Paul Loranger  Curriculum Implementation Expert

International Educational consultant

Edmonton, Canada



The role librarians will be playing in furthering democracy learning in their schools.

Having recently being a guest speaker  in London at the conference of advance responsible research in education on “Responsible Educational Research on Maintaining the Will to Learn”, I welcome the opportunity to present the important role librarians will be playing in fostering this will to learn as they shift from knowledge providers to problem solvers in our digital age.

Like the “Magna Carta” that told the King that his task of governing should not rest solely on him, we today cannot expect the instructors within our classrooms to bear the entire burden as to what a student should be learning.

Secondly, whereas the instructor takes an inward spiral approach over time to the learning of knowledge and skills within a discipline such to become an expert on the subject, it becomes the new librarian task to gradually widen that learning through inquiries as to why democracy is needed to solve life’s problem as the student broaden his circle of friends in noting the diverse experts required to resolve them. A structure will be provided that coincides with our existing curriculum through the grades.

Thirdly, the talk will cover the library role at the post secondary level as the student becomes an entrepreneur from his new experience of being a problem solver in having added a more democratic approach to his education.

In concluding, the talk will show how to lessen the load of the teacher in instruction while stimulating the will to learn in the student by changing the role of the librarian in the process.

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presentation in June will be based on recent talk in London of which paper is enclosed and soon to be published.


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