Towards a Sustainable Future: Campus Sustainability Through Embedded STEM Librarianship

Your Name and Title: Raymond Pun, first year student success librarian

Library, School, or Organization Name: Henry Madden Library, Fresno State

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: California, USA

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): librarians, teachers, faculty, STEM enthusiasts, and environmentalists

Short Session Description (one line): This presentation offers a case study on how librarians can partner with STEM programs to create and promote environmental sustainability on campuses or communities. 

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): How can we ensure that our future will be safe? What kind of sustainable action can be implemented through academic libraries? The presenter will share the experiences of being an embedded librarian for a first year STEM program in Fall 2015-Fall 2016 at Fresno State.

In Spring 2016, 150 first year STEM students participated in a campus sustainability program - in groups, they were charged to identify projects that support campus sustainability. Selected group projects include regulating air quality on campus, to managing food waste, to identifying biodiversity to creating water management in Fresno State. Five STEM faculty and 1 librarian lead the program.

The librarian taught information literacy and data literacy workshops, offered office hours, and worked closely with groups to identify sustainability data and campus models for each group. Fall 2016 looks like water sustainability on campus and the curriculum design and project will be shared as well. These projects can help create conversations and exciting opportunities for future planning. This presentation will cover how an instruction librarian got involved on campus sustainability through an academic curriculum and the outcome of such collaboration by using Fresno State as a case study. They will also be inspiring to ensure that there will be a sustainable future through library support.  

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