Your Name and Title: Kim Dority, Founder & President


Library, School, or Organization Name: Dority & Associates


Co-Presenter Name(s): Scott Brown, Owner, Social Information Group


Area of the World from Which You Will Present: United States


Language in Which You Will Present: English


Target Audience(s): Library and Information Students and Professionals considering career options, whether traditional or nontraditional


Short Session Description (one line): An overview of and tour guide through the diverse, expanding, but often invisible universe of emerging LIS career opportunities.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Although some areas of library and information work are contracting, many others are expanding, shifting into redefined roles, or starting up completely new opportunities. This session will focus on how to identify, explore, assess, and position for those new opportunities, with an emphasis on building on existing, transferable skills to open up potential new career paths.


Specifically, we will address:

  • · The 8 “frames” for thinking about LIS opportunities
  • · Emerging ways LIS skills are being deployed in traditional LIS fields
  • · How to identify and describe transferable LIS skills for non-LIS interviewers
  • · How to reframe how you describe –and think of – your professional skill set

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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This looks great. And your leadership on the International Advisory Board is truly appreciated. We are being strict with other presenters that sessions are to be non-commercial (except for specifically-indicated commercial sessions from sponsors), so let me know if this will have any commercial content that we will need to discuss.


Strand tag needed for this one as well... :)
Steve, I didn't see/understand how to apply a strand tag - can you please let me know? Thanks - Scott
Every session is being recorded



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