I am working on my Mastes in Language and Literacy, while earning my library teaching endorsement, One of our assignments is to evaluate social media sites. SO.... How are you using social media in your schools or libraries?

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We've started using Facebook, although tentatively and not that skillfully. Part of the challenge is deciding how to use Facebook when most of us are not heavy personal users of 'sharing technology'  - right now, it's just announcements for changes in hours, alerts of services or events offered, etc. Also, determining who our 'target' audience is so we can shape the message accordingly. We did build a following by scripting the internet browsers on the library computers to launch the facebook page as one of the home pages to help students find us. Our college also features a directory of Web 2.0 sites maintained by different departments - http://www.lonestar.edu/socialnetworking.htm

One of our other colleges uses Twitter and have linked their Twitter and Facebook accounts to post new databases, new information related web sites or tools, etc. They include a widget which puts the Twitter feed on the library's home page.

We do use our distance learning platform to provide tutorials and research tips via a community group open to all students.

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