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Does anyone use the display cases in the library in a Web 2 or Lib2 virtual-interactive way?

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By tradition, our display cases are one way windows. We can now make display cases virtual and interactive.
How ? Using Web 2 tools like Twitter & Flickr & Facebook. A link on your library web page or blog can inform the university community about the virtual-interactive displays. The display cases become a two sided window where the university community can view the physical displays via Flickr photos/ movies, using Twitter can make comments & interactions using links to surveys etc., or use Facebook to find their university community friends who might have seen the virtual displays & want to make commentary as well. Students &/or alumns can be anywhere to visit the displays. Virtual Displays can run concurrently with new "physical displays" too. Library Displays 2.0!
The library virtual displays- a new way for ourreach to your university community!
Hi! This sounds like a really interesting concept - and perhaps I'm being a bit slow, but I would love to see some examples of a virtual display case. I'd love to add something like this to my library's website if I could just get a good visual to share with my bosses. :)
Thanks it is a new display concept for us too...the display is presently in design and concept phase. We are searching our books, ordering DVD's for the GO TO OZ ( part of the physical- library exhibit). Requesting media- faculty for their thoughts to showcase in the exhibit. We are experimenting with online surveys- gizmosurvey & offers real-time graphs. Setting up and experimenting phase using Twitter for the u-community to post thoughts, memories etc about the Wizard of OZ book & movie &Facebook & Flickr as we build the display we will post photos and link these to the library Blog. We are just in the beginning part of it right now... the physical display will be in July 09 and online hopefully by July 09 .
Another survey idea is from the LIB of Congress...

That's neat, thank you for the additional info. I would love to see your display once it's completed!
So many thanks for responding and asking about the GOTO OZ virtual display. Some are often so reluctant to test out the new waters with new 2.0 technologies. Thanks to Bill so many times over again for providing us with a mind stretch for new ideas & exploration. It is pretty old to be tied to one dimensional displays & knowing there is so much room for greater things to come in digital - physical lib displays. We are just touching the surface of how we showcase our displays & outreach to our university community. Providing information in multi-media-diverse ways like this expands learning horizons & out reach especially to net gens whose lives are "always on"-
You will be BLOWN Away...We are close to launching the DNL GO TO OZ Virtual Library Exhibit.... We have a Twitter acccount: Twitter: GOTOOZ and leave comments on what you thought about the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Reference Links are welcome and fun fact links too!
Our displays will feature Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, a Twister, and more OZ--errific Memorabilia from University staff . A replication of Dorothy's ruby slippers (Designer- Juicy Couture) will be displayed in the front display case with compliments of authentic 70th Anniversary stamps framed in red velvet.
Relive the excitement of Oz at the library and online at Twitter!!!
Hi Rienk,
Thank you for the link to your flickr account. I find the visual impact most worthy and compliments plain text which can be rather boring.... thank! Excellent idea! I will certainly pass this to faculty too.
Have you tried animoto or voicethread yet? If you search library in the browse section you can see how some libraries are using it for displays---its still new to me so I can't share any personal ones with you. Here is an animoto that I created to showcase books for an award on the library site



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