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This is my second year of volunteering for the Library 2.0 worldwide virtual conference, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  What incredible presentations ... and the organization (by Steve and Debbie and crew) is beyond exceptional!  Thank you for all you do to make this conference the excellent professional discussion it is!

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Yes, This is great experience, for me - as a Presenter.. 

It is amazing to meet Great Library Professionals from various country, Sharing their Knowledge..

This is a real International Conference to have so many Professionals from various Continent..

I am proud to participate & present a paper in this Worldwide Conference..

The big positive result shows the Hard work behind it..

Hats Off to the Organizing Committee!!

I agree. The presentations were incredibly informative, thoughtful, interesting. The organization was nothing short of amazing. Congratulations to everyone.

Nice work friend, i completed my studies in Library and Information Studies on May at School of Library Archives and Documentation Studies Tanzania.
I joined President's Office, Planning Commission Tanzania for volunteer opportunity in Library, in Library and Documentation Unit.

i will appreciate if i volunteer also on it...


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