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When I saw that this network might be shut down, I emailed Bill and asked if there was anything I could do to help.  Bill and I go way back (in Internet Time), and the growth of my Classroom 2.0 network has required that I develop some systems for combating spammers (which are a problem on all Ning networks right now).  While I'm not a librarian, I have great respect for the work that you do and am hopeful I can help keep this as an active network.

My day job is as the Social Media Consultant at Elluminate.  Elluminate is an online, synchronous teaching and learning platform, and I hold several public events each week using the platform as part of Classroom 2.0 (,,, and  I'm a big believer in Web 2.0 being part of an enormously important historical trend, and blog about this kind of stuff at

I'd like to offer to host a live online meeting for those interested in Library 2.0 where we can figure out together what role you'd like the site to play for you and how you'd like to move forward.  I'm leaving for about 10 days of conference-related travel for work, so the live meeting will have to wait until sometime in March--but in the meantime am hoping we can use this discussion forum to throw out some ideas and start a dialog.  

Thanks for any thoughts you have!


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(This is a re-post from another topic since it fits better here.)

I too was quite happy that Library 2.0 will be sticking around.

But I do have some concerns: I tend to gather and spread the 2.0 discussion in a 'network' of disconnected people and sources. My 'network' consists of a slow buildup of Twitter feeds, bookmarks that I check as part of my email routine, and RSS feeds that deliver themselves right to my screen. I have no end of Firefox addons to help in this. I then regurgitate these ideas back out via Twitter and popular Social Networking sites (Facebook or LinkedIn). This site, while I really do appreciate the idea behind it and have tried my hardest to make it fit my methods of information gathering just comes off as 'clunky' and I can't put my finger on why. I'd love to be able to suggest something grand that would fix the problem but simply cannot think of a workable solution off-hand.

But kudos to people sticking it out!! :)

P.S. I bet there are several Grad Lib Sci students out there right now looking for a research project about information gathering and dissemination... think we could put out an all-call alert to have THIS network studied and re-designed? What makes Facebook work so well? What makes OkCupid work (dating/meet-up site)? And how can we replicate that success? I, for one, know that my overtures to invite fellow librarians onto the site have met with no success.

Check out the new "Email Alert" link up top and see if that helps with the flow for you.


Hi Steve,

Thanks - you flipped the switch that allows responses. With so many people from around the country/world, I think it'll be hard to have a chat with a large number of people.

For me, the creation of all the subgroups led to heavy fragmentation of this community and I never felt I was able to get back into the initial feeling of being able to track everyone. Hopefully the chat will lead to some new ideas for keeping the community alive. Many of us have moved on, but there are still many who need to learn from this group (e.g. more established staff who are just beginning to realize that things can't stay the way have have known).

I look forward to seeing new things.
Thanks Steve for opening up the discussion again. I think it is helpful to have a place to bring together library 2.0 ideas as it helps when people are discovering a new tool. An online discussion would be great.
Hi Steve,

Thanks for taking the reins! For me one of the questions is what would make this site more attractive to all library workers. Perhaps even a redesign of the site layout would do something. Also perhaps sending emails to professional mailing lists would generate a few more members. Any ideas out there?
I don't think that the redesign is the issue, though I wouldn't oppose it. I think it's our need to make it part of the ritual. Maybe signing up for the Twitter/Facebook would trigger "Ah, yeah, Library 2.0"!
The Twitter/Facebook presence sounds like a good idea, though I should add that up to this point in time I've never used Twitter.

I like the email idea (the "Email Alert" mention earlier in the discussion), though in my case having an RSS feed to my iGoogle page works just fine, so I'm going to leave that setup the way it is for now.

One thing I'm watching out for is the possibility of being able to add a Facebook Connect application to Library 2.0. So far as I know, Ning doesn't have this application available--yet.


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