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Wholehearted Training: Fostering Connection, Compassion and Joy in Digital Literacy

Your Name and Title:

Leana Mayzlina, Senior Program Manager


Library, School, or Organization Name:



Co-Presenter Name(s):

Emily Flores, Training Officer, San Antonio Public Library


Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

Portland, Oregon and San Antonio, Texas, United States


Language in Which You Will Present:



Target Audience(s):

Librarians and library staff working with individuals seeking digital literacy skills


Short Session Description (one line):

An overview of a wholehearted approach to teaching digital literacy skills, with a focus on serving staff and individuals in a public library setting


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

The information presented in this session approaches the topic of wholehearted librarianship as it relates to digital literacy. Leana Mayzlina, as Senior Program Manager at NTEN, will discuss strategies to support staff delivering digital literacy instruction. Leana will focus on building organizational capacity, cultivating inclusive learning communities, and fostering staff buy-in and accountability in an environment guided by compassionate support. Emily Flores, as a Training Officer with the San Antonio Public Library, will discuss strategies for front-line staff to support learners with diverse skill sets by building their confidence so they can define and reach their digital literacy goals. Drawing from her experiences in an urban public library, Emily will share ideas to accompany patrons in overcoming shame and tips on how to create a supportive and welcoming learning environment for all.


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