Let's make this a strand and all pitch in ...

  1. The partnership page is not listed under pull down menu about for "2.013 Conference" - would likely get more partners/sponsors if it were visible ... at http://www.library20.com/group/partners2013
  2. We need a page listed and created for promotional materials there - we have a banner and a hashtag [ #lib2013 ].  I see a need for a twitter account, and any other social media that the board may find useful around the globe.
  3. Please promote wildly - we can search for our promotions using a hashtag search tool and reblog, repost, and link.
  4. A one to one ratio, while ideal, isn't always necessary. Many moderators are capable of doing more than one room at a time and many presenters simply don't need a moderator.
  5. This is a list of partners from last year -> http://www.library20.com/page/2-012-partners and this is the list from the year before -> http://www.library20.com/page/conference-partners as John was saying, we have work to do. I have created a google doc, to which advisory board members are invited using their emails - please either send me a message on this ning OR if John or Laura have the manage tab for the ning (admin rights) they can view the emails and insert them in the google doc.
  6. Let's keep our momentum going! Steve has four big online conferences starting this month, and many of us are helping.............

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Hello, Advisory Board members and volunteer moderators,

Thank you, Lisa, for posting your suggestions to help facilitate the pre-Library 2.013 Conference tasks.  You are correct in saying that, in an ideal world, the one-to-one ratio (a volunteer moderator in every BBC room to accompany every presenter) would be convenient, but not always necessary.   I  would like to see a volunteer moderator in every presenter's room, whether s/he operates as a dedicated moderator for the one presenter or as a "shadow" moderator who may lurk in more than one room and who is there "just in case".  Even the experienced, long-time user of Blackboard Collaborate is not exempt from Murphy's Law when it comes to these virtual conferences.  I can't tell you how many "fires" I have been able to avert or put out because I was "there"  shadowing an experienced (BBC) presenter.  One of our goals is to offer a webinar/conference  experience to the guests and presenters that is filled with engaging communicative activities free of technical issues.  

This year I plan to try an experiment to increase participant numbers in the keynote speaker sessions. I have noticed in a recently covered conference that when I included the participant link to the next session in the current Chat (and a vocal reminder) toward the end of the current session, the majority of the current participants jumped immediately to the next session, thus, increasing significantly the number of participants.  For those who want to attend many sessions during the day or evening, posting a link to the next session(s) at the end of the current session, makes it so much easier and faster to attend many sessions back-to-back.  I will start with the sessions ending just before the keynote session, which carries the only link for that hour.  This should be fun!


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh you'll jinx us!

That method of sharing the link along with an audio invitation really does increase the audience in the advertised sessions!  Also using the hashtag and an invitation on social networking sites also increases audience numbers..............let's get all the volunteers to do all of this and more ................this is a great conference!



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