I am attending an Internet-related conference (ILI 2007 of course), yet if I want to access the Internet on my laptop at the conference (and conference hotel) I must pay an extra £20 (30 euro) per day! In this day and age, I think that is ridiculous, to say the least. Some hotel chains (Jurys Doyle Hotels, with a number of hotels in London, for example) offer complementary access, not to mention the free wifi access in public libraries, and free wifi zones in various cities. My own city (Dublin, Ireland) is considering it! YES, CITY-WIDE FREE INTERNET ACCESS! Last year it was just wonderful that we could get wifi access, weren't we so happy! But not this year. Times are changing fast, businesses, hotels and conference centers included, take note. Complementary, or free, or whatever you wish to call it, Internet access should be a given today. £20 - hah!!!

I have let the venue know my views, maybe you should do the same? What do you say? Am I over re-acting? Should it be whatever the venue wants to do, or should we see beyond that narrow point of view? And agitate accordingly?

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Hi Eddie,
You've got a good point - we were just at a conference at a little hotel in Molyvos on the Greek Island of Lesvos and THEY had free wifi, (albeit restricted by a username and password which they handed over to guests but FREE!).
This business of charging £20 is poor form, particularly for an Internet Librarian Conference!



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